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Simple Cocktail Syrup

Simple Syrup
Simple Syrup

As you start to track down those favourite cocktail recipes, you’ll come across ‘Simple Syrup’ as a key ingredient especially for the classic cocktails like the ‘Old Fashioned’, ‘Daiquiris’, ‘Fizzes’ and ‘Sazerac’. You can either buy it, as Gomme (or Gum) Syrup or just make it, the recipe is very simple.

The only difference between a simple syrup and the Gomme version is the addition of Gum Arabic, which stabilizes the sugar and stops sugar crystals forming in the syrup. It can also add a soft velvety texture to your cocktail, however food grade Gum Arabic is hard to source, if you do want to add it dissolve the gum in an equal quantity of water and add to the syrup below


  • 2 parts white granulated sugar
  • 1 part water


  1. Add the sugar and water in a pan and bring to a boil, gently shaking the pan to help the sugar dissolve. Never Stir as this will cause it to crystallise.
  2. Once the sugar has fully dissolved and the liquid is clear, take off the heat and allow to cool, leaving it to boil too long will make the syrup to thick and too sweet.
  3. Once fully cooled, bottle and use in your favourite cocktail.

The syrup should last for about a month if bottled in tight lidded sterile bottles and stored in the fridge.

A popular alternative to using white sugar, which gives a clear syrup, is to use Demerara Sugar. This gives a richer more mellow flavour but results in a brown coloured syrup which will colour your cocktail, the choice is yours….