Image: Reform Social & Grill

This punchy red cocktail is from the menu at the Reform Social and Grill, in the Mandeville Hotel in London West End. Although it’s been inspired by tradition dating back to the days of an Victorian British Gentlemen’s Club, it’s far from stuffy!

The Boyo, a fruity rum based cocktail is certain to kick start the Christmas Festivities.

Serves 10-12 – Gluten Free*


  • 300ml Pampero Rum
  • 120ml Raspberry puree
  • 120ml Strawberry Puree
  • 120ml Blueberry Puree
  • 90ml Vanilla Syrup (add a few drops of Vanilla Extract to a stock Sugar syrup)
  • 30 ml Rose syrup (add some Rose Water to a stock Sugar syrup)
  • 150 ml Lime juice
  • 120ml Soda Water
  • A Scoop of crushed ice


Blend the ingredients in a jug

Serve into ice filled glasses and garnish with a Cranberry or two or a festive drink or Redcurrants for a refreshing summertime libation.

*Gluten Free - Although I make every effort to ensure that the ingredients list are gluten free, you should double check at the time of using as products change their base ingredients frequently.

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